Chasing Mavericks (2012)

About Movie
Chasing Mavericks is the sport drama film based on a true event, directed by Curtis Hanson and Michael Apted, produced by Curtis Hanson, Brandon Hooper and Jim Meenaghan, and the film screenplay by Kario Salem and Brandon Hooper, and this amazing film presents by 20th Century Fox.
The film cast stars- Gerard Butler, Leven Rambin, Jonny Weston, Elisabeth Shue, Abigail Spencer and Taylor Handley.
Chasing Mavericks film set release in theaters on 26 October, 2012.

The inspirational true story of real life surfing phenom Jay Moriarty. When 15 year old Jay discovers that the mythic Mavericks surf break, one of the biggest waves on Earth, is not only real, but exists just miles from his Santa Cruz home, he enlists the help of local legend Frosty Hesson to train him to survive it. As Jay and Frosty embark on their quest to accomplish the impossible, they form a unique friendship that transforms both their lives, and their quest to tame Mavericks becomes about far more than surfing.

Chasing Mavericks (2012)
Genre  Drama | Sport
Release Date  26 October 2012 (USA)
Directed by  Curtis Hanson and Michael Apted
Produced by  Curtis Hanson, Brandon Hooper, Jim Meenaghan
Executive producers  Alan Siegel, Georgia Kacandes, Gerard Butler
Screenplay by  Kario Salem, Brandon Hooper
  - Gerard Butler  -  Frosty Hesson
  - Elisabeth Shue  -  Christy Moriarity
  - Abigail Spencer  -  Brenda Hesson
  - Leven Rambin  -  Kim
  - Scott Eastwood  -  Gordy
  - Jonny Weston  -  Jay Moriarity
  - Alexander Kanellakos  -  Surfer #1
  - Taylor Handley  -  Sonny
  - Cooper Timberline  -  Little Jay Moriarty
  - Jenica Bergere  -  Zeuf
  - Channon Roe  -  Bob Pearson
  - Harley Graham  -  Little Kim
  - Steven Wiig  -  Mavericks Spectator
  - Devin Crittenden  -  Blond
  - Keegan Boos  -  Young Sonny
Cinematography by  Bill Pope
Editing by  John Gilbert
Casting by  Nina Henninger, Venus Kanani, Mary Vernieu
Studio  Walden Media, Fox 2000 Pictures
Distributed by  20th Century Fox
Country  USA
Language  English

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Simple Moves (2012)

About Movie
Simple Moves is a  mystery-thriller film which is based on the life of an Russian boy Aleksandr Lvanov, played by Pau Masó, who loss of his family and he falls into the world of homosexual prostitution, ultimately trying to come into terms with who he thinks he is. The film creater exploring the world of the gay community of New York City's youth, they using of alcohol and drugs, overall showing the gay life.

'Simple Moves' film directed, screenplay, produced, film editing by Pau Masó, and produced by his production company 'Maso & Co Productions', with co-director by David Damen, Pau Masó also play main lead role as Aleksandr Lvanov and othe stars including Anatoli Grek, Josh Berresford, Samantha Glovin and Keith Dougherty.

The production of this film shooting it in the New York at Manhattan, New York City.

Simple Moves (2012)
Genre  Drama | Mystery | Thriller | Gay
Release Date  2013
Directed by  Pau Masó, David Damen (co-director)
Screenplay by  Pau Masó
Story by  Pau Masó
Translation by  Evgheni Ostapciuc
Produced by  Pau Masó
Executive producers  Emili Masó, Dolors Coromina
  - Pau Masó  -  Aleksandr Ivanov
  - Anatoli Grek  -  Dr. Mary
  - Josh Berresford  -  Keith
  - Samantha Glovin  -  Emma
  - Keith Dougherty  -  Tom
  - Danny Boushebel  -  Clive
  - Olivier Canovas  -  Nathan
  - Roland Max  -  John
  - Marc I. Daniels  -  Joseph
  - Raymond Mamrak  -  Man on Subway
  - Terrence Hewitt  -  The Host
  - Roy Pollack  -  Kyle
  - Mark Eugene Garcia  -  Michael
Cinematography by  David Damen
Editing by  Pau Masó
Studio  Maso & Co Productions, White Shark Pictures (in association with)
Distributed by  CreateSpace, Maso & Co Productions
Filming Locations  Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Country  USA
Language  English | Russian (English Subtitles)

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Beloved Trailer (2012) - Catherine Deneuve [HD]

BELOVED (original title : "Les Biens aimés"), the latest film from French writer-director Christophe Honore (LOVE SONGS, DANS PARIS), is a sly and lovely romantic musical drama spanning three decades as it follows a mother and daughter's misadventures in love. In the freewheeling Paris of the '60s, young Madeleine (Ludivine Sagnier) who has gone from selling shoes to sleeping with men for money--falls for a handsome Czech doctor, Jaromil (Rasha Bukvic), whom she soon marries and joins in Prague. A baby daughter is born, but Jaromil's infidelities and the arrival of Russian tanks in Prague lead Madeleine back to France--though the love between them still burns. Thirty years later in London, we follow Madeleine's daughter, Vera (Chiara Mastroianni), who has fallen in love with a musician (American actor Paul Schneider) who is incapable of devoting himself to her, while her ex (Honore regular Louis Garrel) still pines for her. Meanwhile in Paris, a re-married Madeleine (Catherine Deneuve) has rekindled her love affair with Jaromil (Milos Forman). In theaters August 17th, 2012.
The film starring Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve, Ludivine Sagnier, Louis Garrel, Milos Forman, Paul Schneider and Michel Delpech .

Cloud Atlas (2012)

About Movie
'Cloud Atlas' is drama-mystery action film based on the best-selling novel with same title name by David Mitchell, and screenplay, written, directed and co-produced by Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski.

The film story exploring of how the actions of individual impact one another in the past, present and future, Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future. "EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED"

The film starring with Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, Doona Bae, Ben Whishaw, James D’Arcy, Zhou Xun , Keith David, David Gyasi, Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant.

'Cloud Atlas' film set release in theaters on 26 October 2012 in USA.

'Cloud Atlas' film received R rating from Motion Picture Rating for violence, language, sexuality/nudity and some drug use.

Cloud Atlas (2012)
Genre  Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi
Release Date  26 October 2012 (USA)
Directed by  Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski
Screenplay by  Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski
Produced by  Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, Grant Hill, Tom Tykwer, Stefan Arndt, Alex Boden (UK), Alexander van Duelmen (co-producer)
Executive producers  Philip Lee, Uwe Schott, Wilson Qiu
Based on  novel  by  David Mitchell  [ Cloud Atlas: A Novel ]
  - Tom Hanks  -  Dr. Henry Goose
  - Halle Berry  -  Meronym
  - Hugo Weaving  -
  - Jim Sturgess  -
  - Susan Sarandon  -
  - Hugh Grant  -
  - Ben Whishaw  -  Robert Frobisher
  - Keith David  -  Joe Napier - Kupaka & Ankor Apis
  - Jim Broadbent  -
  - James D'Arcy  -
  - Götz Otto  -  Withers
  - Zhu Zhu  -
  - Doona Bae  -  Sonmi-451
  - Xun Zhou  -  Yoona-939
  - David Gyasi  -  Autua
Music by  Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer
Cinematography by  Frank Griebe, John Toll
Editing by  Alexander Berner, Claus Wehlisch (co-editor)
Casting by  Lora Kennedy, Lucinda Syson
Distributed by  Warner Bros. Pictures
Studio  X-Filme Creative Pool, Anarchos Pictures, A Company Film, ARD Degeto Film
Budget  $100,000,000 (estimated)
Runtime  164 min
Country  Germany | USA | Hong Kong | Singapore
Language  English

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Cloud Atlas (2012)
Cloud Atlas (2012)
Cloud Atlas (2012)
Cloud Atlas (2012)
Cloud Atlas (2012)
Cloud Atlas (2012)
Cloud Atlas (2012)
Cloud Atlas (2012)
Cloud Atlas (2012)
Cloud Atlas (2012)

Sacrifice (2012)

About Movie
Written and directed by master filmmaker Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine) and set during the opulent Yuan Dynasty in the 5th century B.C., SACRIFICE is the story of a newborn prince whose entire family, the Zhao clan, is wiped out by a rival general who ruthlessly seizes the throne. An ordinary man, the doctor who delivers the baby, gives up everything dearest to him to save the last young survivor in the bloodline of the noble Zhao, and secretly raises the child as his own. But the doctor, played impeccably by acclaimed actor Ge You, has devised his own plot for revenge and makes the cold-blooded General, Tu Angu, the boy’s godfather, allowing the would-be-King to infiltrate the royal palace as a guest. When the boy becomes a man, he must choose between two fathers, while the destiny of a nation rests with his decision.

SACRIFICE is a sweeping story rich with suspense, humanity and emotion, featuring outstanding performances by some of China’s great actors including the beloved Ge You (Farewell My Concubine), Wang Xue-Qi (Forever Enthralled), Fan Bing-Bing, Zhang Feng-Yi and Huang Xiaoming. SACRIFICE was the number one film in the China for two weeks and is based on the classic play Orphan of Zhao, written by Ji Jun-Xiang, which was the first Chinese play known to Europe.

Sacrifice (2012)
Genre  Action | Drama
Release Date  27 July, 2012 (USA)
Directed By  Chen Kaige
Written By  Chen Kaige
Produced By  Chen Hong, Qin Hong
  - Ge You  -  Cheng Ying
  - Wang Xueqi  -  Tu'an Gu
  - Huang Xiaoming  -  Han Jue
  - Bingbing  -  Zhuang Ji
  - Hai Qing  -
Cinematography by  Shu Yang
Film Editing by  Derek Hui
Visual Effects by  Pei-Zhi Huang
Studio  Samuel Goldwyn Films (USA), Kadokawa Pictures (Japan)
Budget  $10,000,000 (estimated)
Country  China
Language  Chinese
Official site   |

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The Master (2012)

The Master (2012)
The Master (2012) 'Official Poster'

About Movie
The Master is presents by Annapurna Pictures and The Weinstein Company, and directed, written and co-produced by Paul Thomas Anderson with Megan Ellison, Daniel Lupi and JoAnne Sellar producers. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Laura Dern. 'The Master' film set release in theaters on 12 October, 2012 in USA or release on 9 November, 2012 in UK.

The Master (2012)
Genre  Drama
Release Date  12 October, 2012 (USA- limited)
Directed by  Paul Thomas Anderson
Produced by  Paul Thomas Anderson, Megan Ellison, Daniel Lupi, JoAnne Sellar
Written by  Paul Thomas Anderson
  - Amy Adams  -  Mary Sue Dodd
  - Joaquin Phoenix  -  Freddie Sutton
  - Philip Seymour Hoffman  -  Lancaster Dodd
  - Laura Dern  -  Helen
  - Rami Malek  -  Clark
  - Jesse Plemons  -  Val Dodd
  - Kevin J. O'Connor -  Bill White
  - Jillian Bell  -  Susan
   - W. Earl Brown  -  Bus
  - Ambyr Childers  -  Elizabeth
  - Lena Endre  -  Mrs. Solstad
  - Fiona Dourif  -
  - Darren Le Gallo  -  Master's Dinner Guest
  - Patty McCormack  -  Mildred Drummond
  - Katie Boland  -  Young Woman
Music by  Jonny Greenwood
Cinematography  Mihai Malaimare Jr.
Editing by  Dylan Tichenor
Studio  Annapurna Pictures, Ghoulardi Film Company
Distributed by  The Weinstein Company (United States)
Country  USA
Language  English
Budget  $40 million
Official site

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The Master (2012) | Poster

The Expendables - 2 poster collection [HD]

There is 12 official poster collection of  The Expendables - 2 a action film, posters including the all character of this film and Featuring Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Chuck Norris.
The film stars including  Jason Statham, Yu Nan, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Liam Hemsworth, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and The Expendables - 2 film set release in theaters on 17 August, 2012.

Liam Hemsworth
Sylvester Stallone

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
Dolph Lundgren
Dolph Lundgren
Jason Statham
Jason Statham
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jet Li
Randy Couture
Terry Crews
Yu Nan

Aashiqui 2 (2012)

About Movie
Aashiqui 2 is a musical film, sequel part to the Mahesh Bhatt's 90s super hit romance and musical starring Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal film Aashiqui (1990). The film will go floor by August 2012.

Aashiqui 2 is also Musical drama film, directed by Mohit Suri and produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Bhushan Kumar. Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor are play main lead role for this film. Music composed by  Jeet Ganguly.

Aashiqui 2 film set will be released in theaters on Dec, 2012.

Aashiqui 2 (2012)
Genre  Musical | Drama | Romance
Release Date  2012
Directed By  Mohit suri
Produced By  Mahesh bhatt & Bhushan Kumar
  - Aditya Roy Kapoor
  - Shraddha Kapoor
Music by  Jeet Ganguly
Country  India
Language  Hindi

Aashiqui 2 (2012) | Trailer
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Aashiqui 2 (2012) | Gallery
Aditya Roy Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor
Aashiqui (1990)
Aashiqui (1990)

About Cherry (2012)

About Movie
About Cherry (original title: Cherry) is based on the young women, she arrives in San Francisco, where she gets involved in pornography industries and becomes involved with a cocaine addicted lawyer.
'About Cherry' film presents by IFC films, directed by Stephen Elliott and Screenplay by Lorelei Lee, Stephen Elliott.
Stars inluding Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, Heather Graham, Dev Patel and Lily Taylor.
The project was filmed in San Francisco and premiered at 2012 Berlin International Film Festival in Germany on 16 February, 2012; and the film hits on demand in theaters on 21 September, 2012 in USA.

Cherry is about Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw), an 18-year-old girl on the verge of finishing high school. Angelina’s family life is difficult. Her mother (Lili Taylor) is an alcoholic and her step-father is violent and unpredictable. One morning her boyfriend (Jonny Weston) suggests she take naked pictures for money. She balks at first but then does the photo shoot, using the money to run-off with her best friend (Dev Patel) to San Francisco. In San Francisco, while cocktailing in a strip club, Angelina meets Frances (James Franco) a well-off lawyer who offers to introduce her to a different kind of world, a place full of expensive dresses and fancy parties. But that world is not as perfect as it first appears and Frances has problems of his own. At the same time Angelina, using the moniker Cherry, has begun exploring the San Francisco porn industry under the direction of Margaret (Heather Graham) a former performer turned adult film director.

Cherry was shot in the San Francisco Armory, home of At 250,000 square feet the armory is the largest adult film studio in the world. Stephen Elliott, the director of Cherry is a former sex worker who is also the author of seven books. The movie was written by Stephen Elliott and Lorelei Lee, a porn performer who is also a writer and lecturer at New York University.

Cherry challenges assumptions about porn, sexuality, and success, and faces the difficult question of where you need to be in order to find yourself.

About Cherry (2012)
Original title  Cherry
Genre  Drama
Release Date  25 December 2012 (Norway)
  16 February 2012  -  Berlin International Film Festival  -  Germany
  24 April 2012  -  San Francisco International Film Festival  -  USA
  8 June 2012  -  Champs-Elysées Film Festival  -  France
  1 July 2012  -  Taipei Film Festival  -  Taiwan
  9 August 2012  -  Video On Demand  -  USA
  21 September 2012  -  Limited  -  USA
Directed by  Stephen Elliott
Screenplay by  Lorelei Lee, Stephen Elliott
Produced by  Elizabeth Destro, Gordon Bijelonic, Rick Dugdale, Jordan Kessler, Elana Krausz, Datari Turner
Co-producers  Joe D'Angerio, T.J. Mancini
Executive producers  Chris Kientz, Kim Leadford, David Ranes, Claire Severance
Casting by  Dominika Posserén
  - Ashley Hinshaw  -  Angelina
  - James Franco  -  Frances
  - Dev Patel  -  Andrew
  - Heather Graham  -  Margaret
  - Lili Taylor  -  Phyllis
  - Diane Farr  -  Jillian
  - Megan Boone  -  Jake
  - Jonny Weston  -
  - Steven Wiig  -
  - Zachary Culbertson  -
  - Ernest Waddell  -  Vaughn
  - Nelson Lee  -  Jessica
  - Elana Krausz  -  Lana
Music by  Jeff Russo
Cinematography  Darren Genet
Editing by  Michelle Botticelli
Studio  Enderby Entertainment, Gordon Bijelonic / Datari Turner Films
Distributed by  IFC Films
Run time  102 min
Country  USA
Language  English
Official site

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