Jack Reacher (2012)

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Jack Reacher is based on the novel "On Shot" by Lee Child and directed and screenplay by Christopher McQuarrie. After the big success of Mission Impossible-4 Ghost Protocol Superstar Tom Cruise will be back on the big screen this Christmas in the role of 'Jack Reacher' character created by Lee Child from the Lee Child's crime series book.
Jack Racher is a crime based drama movie, directed and screenplay by Christopher McQuarrie, and produced by Tom Cruise, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Gary Levinsohn, Kevin J. Messick, Paula Wagner.
Tom Cruise play lead role in this film as a movie title 'Jack Reacher' other cast includes Rosamund Pike as Helen Rodin, Robert Duvall as Cash, James Martin Kelly as Rob Farrior, Richard Jenkins as Alex Rodin. 'Jack Reacher' released in theaters on 21 December, 2012.
Tom Cruise still from 'Jack Reacher (2012)'

Jack Reacher (2012)
Genre  Crime | Drama
Release Date  21 December 2012 (USA)
Directed by  Christopher McQuarrie        
Screenplay  Christopher McQuarrie
Based on  novel  "One Shot"  by  Lee Child
Produced by  Tom Cruise, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Gary Levinsohn, Kevin J. Messick, Paula Wagner
  - Tom Cruise  -  Jack Reacher
  - Rosamund Pike  -  Helen Rodin
  - Robert Duvall  -  Cash
  - James Martin Kelly  -  Rob Farrior
  - Jai Courtney       
  - Richard Jenkins  -  Alex Rodin
  - Werner Herzog  -  The Zec
  - David Oyelowo  -  Emerson
  - Michael Raymond-James  -  Linsky
  - Alexia Fast  -  Sandy
  - Kristen Dalton  -  Mindy
  - Nicole Forester  -  Nancy Holt
  - Joseph Sikora  -  James Barr
  - Josh Helman  -  Jeb Oliver
  - Sara Lindsey  -  Girlfriend
Music by  Joe Kraemer        
Cinematography by  Caleb Deschanel        
Editing by  Kevin Stitt
Studio  Mutual Film Company, Paramount Pictures, Skydance Productions
Distributed by  Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures International (UPI)
Country  USA
Language  English
Official-site  http://www.jackreachermovie.com/

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