KamaSutra 3D - (2013)

Sherlyn Chopra - KamaSutra 3D - (2013)
Sherlyn Chopra still form KamaSutra 3D poster, thinking about her hole night in this darkness with little light

About Movie
Kamasutra 3D is an upcoming erotic based Indian drama film, directed and written by Rupesh Paul. The film based on the sacred Indian sex manual, that contains different styles/positions of sex. The featuring first Indian girl of Playboy Magazine model 'Sherlyn Chopra', she is already famous for her nude pictures and others, now she is showing her telnet in Paul's movie with greatest sacred text on the art of love and sex play. She is also play some bit roles in a few Bollywood films like 'Dil Bole Hadippa' and 'Raqeeb'.

Kamasutra 3D's interesting part is 3D effects, this is the new experience for makers and Indian audience that watching KamaSutra in 3D version.Chinese film maker have more success in porn film and culture film like KamaSutra with 3D, now it's time for Indian Cinemas.

Kama Sutra word is indicating on standard work of human sexual behavior. This film is not a sequel part of 1996's 'Kamasutra: A Tale of Love', this is the first Indian erotic drama film which is based on the sexual positions, this film directed by Mira Nair, starring Indira Varma, Sarita Choudhury, Ramon Tikaram and Jai Kumar, and featuring Rekha played a Kama Sutra teacher, and have nude and bold scene by Indian actress Indira Varma and Sarita Choudhury, male actors also. The film won 1996 Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography by Declan Quinn and nominated for Golden Seashell award. KamaSutra3D is new version of kamasutra styles.

In Meera Nair’s Kamasutra, two American actors made nude appearances on screen. The Kamasutra 3D production team can claim all their rights for the first time nude appearance of an Indian actor on screen. Shooting of Kamasutra 3D to begin from December in India.

'Kamasutra 3D' would be the first in the 'Kamasutra' trilogy and the second and third would be 4D and 5D respectively,' tweeted by Sherlyn Chopra.
Sherlyn Chopra - KamaSutra 3D - (2013)
Sherlyn Chopra - KamaSutra 3D - (2013)

Kamasutra 3D teaser trailer is now web-world, published on YouTube on Oct 24th, the teaser shoot with Sherlyn Chopra, she is wear traditional golden bikini and dancing on music. The initial trailers have been shot by Sapan Narula and choreographed by Sumisha Shankar

Kamasutra 3D is the forthcoming movie from Writer-Director Rupesh Paul. The ‘Outrageous’ girl Sherlyn Chopra, will appear in the lead. Her nude pose for the cover of internationally acclaimed men’s magazine, Playboy, fired heated debates in India. Rupesh won her confidence by giving her word for maximum utilization of her talent and beauty in the movie. The director is excited to release the movie during the Centenary Celebrations Of Indian Cinema in 2013.

‘Kamasutra’, the 14th century, text still proves to be sensitive and makes waves in the society. The greatest sacred text on the art of love and sex play now resorts to the inquiring technique of narration through its appearance in 3D. Though, renowned filmmakers including, Meera Nair has already used the same title for her movie, this is for the first time the integral and the unique historical milieu has used as the backdrop. The celebrated bunch of senior artists of Bollywood will give life to various characters in the movie. The director keeps a clear vision to not to make it a replication of ‘Sex and Zen’ or similar movies, at the same time, would be one strongly footed in Indian Culture and Values. Rupesh ourageously confirms his stance that there wouldn’t be any compromises in the movie regarding creative nudity or boldness, to appease the moral police.
"Kamasutra is a valued text, as significant as the Gita or Ramayana, among the sacred texts of India. It is very pathetic to associate the name with porn every now and then’’ ‘‘Quite contrary to popular wisdom, Kamasutra was not written all alone by Vatsyayana, but by a range of authors, across centuries. Therefore, the script of ‘Kamasutra 3D’ has incorporated the configuration of this sacred text, through centuries and in various historical contexts’’

“3D appears the best format to portray classic erotica, but it was hardly experimented till recently. It had remained as a tool to give the biggest jolt in horror movies. Nobody predicted that the Chinese stereoscopic porn would be a major hit. In fact, it out grossed 3D film Avatar. In the film, we are trying to give an extra dimension to the sexual positions described in the ancient treatise on the art of love.”

“Yet, there wouldn’t be any compromises made in the movie regarding creative nudity or boldness, to appease the moral police’ Says by Paul.

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KamaSutra 3D - (2013)
KamaSutra 3D - (2013)
KamaSutra 3D - (2013)
KamaSutra 3D - (2013)

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